Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Let's Join Hands!

In the Year of 2006, I chose to hold my birthday celebrations at a Children Orphanage Home center.

Why a Childrens Orphanage Home Center? Most celebrities have so far chosen to celebrate their own music/album launch sessions, parties in prestigious places or with their own family, often forgetting the needy in our midst.
Last year I held my celebration party incurring all the expenses by myself. I invited my fellow artists and my band. It was a great time as we ate, drank, and offered our time to the gorgeous children.

The people who came to visit these children had an opportunity to see a clear picture of their lifestyle. It was then that I learnt more about life and how we need each other.

This Ramadhan I have opted to celebrate with these children again! The event is dubbed ‘TWAWEZA’.The first round contribution from me is Kshs. 10, 000.

I need your assistance in cash and kind. Please send in your donations through M-PESA number 0724443260 .Your presence during the ‘TWAWEZA’ event will also be highly appreciated.

See details of the campaign at

Let’s join hands and make this world a BETTER place!

Yours truly,

Nyota Ndogo.

In this campaign, I have also partnered with Baraka Fm.We have covered much ground now, but me and you can begin here:

Dear Fans,


Ramadan, a season of self-reflection, family, and sharing, is here with us again.

Baraka Fm a leading radio station at the Coast in partnership with the coastal songbird, Nyota Ndogo, have embarked on making this years Ramadhan memorable for the less fortunate through a campaign dubbed ‘TWAWEZA’

The campaign is meant to collect donations in cash or in kind from well-wishers. These donations will go into assisting needy children in 5 children homes around Mombasa.

Towards the end of the Ramadhan fast, in the spirit of sharing, families gather together, cook and eat in union, buy clothes and gifts for each other. We have opted to celebrate with needy children!

The ‘TWAWEZA’ campaign will climax in a come-together event, where we will organize celebrations for children from the 5 homes in a central venue. On the material day, we plan to provide the children with breakfast, lunch and super. The event will also feature entertainment by local artists, games, competitions, prizes-giving and a fundraiser.

We wish to offer you an opportunity to partner with us in this charity activity by way of contributing cash and material donations of whichever amount. Donations of Kshs. 10,000 and above will be highly appreciated.

All sponsors have the opportunity to brand the ‘TWAWEZA’ event. They will also be acknowledged on air through special mentions.

Kindly get in touch with the undersigned for details. Thank you for your generosity.

Yours faithfully,

Sheila Maina.

For: Nyota Ndogo and Baraka FM


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nyota ndogo and the love band

hapo chacha love band kama kawaida

tilikua tunaimba mendeeeeeeeeeeeeee

nyota ndogo wa siku za usoni. mpe kama miaka kumi juu

mafans pamoja

mafans kibao jamani hata kaka dj lenium alikuepo

the love band

nyota ndogo kwenye keybord

love band

mzee mwenyewe musa huyu.

mama na toto

mama na toto chini kwa cnini

love band

love band wa nafanya mambo


sijui ni sebene ama

chini kwa chini

who says nyota cant dance.mwanionea ila najaribu

longwa and nyota

mzee wakazi longwa.tulikua tunaongea biashara kwani yeye ndie unichapishia cd zangu

nyota sing a heart out

the love band playing

nyota kuimba watu na viatu

love band ndani ya nyumba

nyota kuimba watu na viatu

love band ndani ya nyumba

on 15th of this month at see front mombasa

on 15th of this month wakati kuliku na boxing between kenya and congo in mombasa at see front.i was playing wih my band the love banb.

Saturday, August 15, 2009



Now as the 'TWAWEZA Campaign!' heats up, here is the list of good samaritans who have given out their donations.

  1. Thanks to Mr. Patric Juma for ua donation 200.
  2. Thanks to Mr. Celeb jalega for ua donation 200
  3. Thanks to Mr. Evans Nyali for ua donation 100
  4. Thanks to Mr. Khalid Njiraini for ua donation 2,000
  5. Thanks to Mr. Davies Kimanga for ua donation 500
  6. Thanks to Miss. Mwanaisha Abdallah Mohamed for donation 10,000
  7. Thanks to Mr. Peter Okello for donating 1,000
  8. Thanks to Mr. Fjaz Genge for donating 130
  9. Thanks to Mr. Emilio Munene Kimotho 2,950
  10. Thanks to Mr. Toni Dadi for donating 100
  11. thanks to mr peter karisa for donating 200
  12. thanks to zablon matika for donating 100
  13. thanks to mr colyns adede for donating 200
  14. thanks to king nzomo for donating 1000
  15. thanks to mr john orwa for donating 100
  16. thanks to mr duncan mikae for donating 230
  17. thanks to miss rukia for donating 200
  18. thans to sarah abdi for donating 150
  19. thanks to mr peter stanley for donating100
  20. thanks to mr eli akim for donating100
  21. thanks to mr colyns odede for donating 200
  22. thanks to mr eric pond for donating 2oo
  23. thans to mr abud hossein for donating 100
  24. thanks to miss jitka votavova for donating 1,500
  25. thaks to mansuri for donating 500
Lets put a smile on those kids face.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A discussion group with women facilitated by World Vision staff lead by Cecelia

An upcoming artist AKA performing during the event

Part of the action was a checkers (draft) tournament that was won by Alex Kizambo (not in the picture)

Members of the youth community observe a minute of silence after “laying wreath” in remembrance of those that died during the August 7 1998 bomblast.

Members of youth community in Sagala during the Youth Fun Day organized at Mwalangi Stadium by Nayabingi Sports Club. Here Obadiah Mwadilo (Nayabingi), Brian Kobe (Nayabingi), Bazil (Blue Stars) among other youths walking across the field with leaves commemorating the August 7, 1998 bomblast in Nairobi.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lets Join Our Hands!

In the Year of 2006, I chose to hold my birthday celebrations at a Children Orphanage Home center. You may ask, Why a Childrens Orphanage Home Center?

Its because most celebrities have so far chosen to celebrate their own music/album launch sessions, parties in a prestigiuous place or with their own family whilst we forget we need to embrace other people in the society who are in need and moreso need to be shown love in the possible ways to feel part of the society.

So, i held my celebration party incurring all the expenses myself and invited my fellow artists, my band and we ate and drank and offered our time , our ears, our hearts to the gorgeous little bundles of joy.

The people who came to visit these children got a clear picture of their lifestyle. Some cried hearing the stories of survival for these kids, it was then that i learnt more about life and how we need each other.

This year we have Ramadhan Prayer and Fasting session. Towards the end of every fast, families gather together, cook and eat in union, buy clothes and gifts for each other but as for me i am opting to celebrate it with you and these children again!

I have appointed 5 childrens home in Mombasa and i need your assistance/contributions to whoever will read this article and has the means or is able to raise money for Ramadhan celebrations at these Childrens Home Center.

1st Round contribution from me is Kshs. 10, 000.

Kindly send what you are able to raise and above all your presence will be highly appreciated.

Lets make this world a BETTER place ......Today it is you....tomorrow it is me!!!

Nyota Ndogo.

Monday, August 10, 2009


hapo nikua nasema fb hoyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee na kweli


nilikua naongea lakini kwauchungu.eve dadangu usiweke marafiki mbeleeeeeee watu watakusoma


nyota mwenyewe kwenye zulia lililo tulia

facebook hoyeeeeeeee

yayaya nilishinda lakini haimaanishi kua wali watendea haki chipukizi wetu.ata ivyo nilipewa ni haki yangu

wangu tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

haya ili b wewe ni wangu nimeshakubali

tunaimba wewe ni wangu na ali b

ali b akiwa na danyota ndogo wakiimba wewe ni wangu tu.uwezi kuamini kwamba nyimbo hii imeshindwa kwenye nzumari.wewe ni wangu ipo juu sana jamani.ali b.pole sana lakini wakenya wanajua ukweli.

sudi boy

sasa ngojeni niwajulishe huyu kijana ni nani.huyu kijana ndio anakuja juu sana kimziki.anaitwa sudi boy.ameimba nyimbo anaitwa banati.huyu kijana ana sauti nzuri sana lakini maskini amenyanyaswa akijiona.alipo panda kwa stage mafans walikwenda wazimu sana na kufuraia kazi yake lakini maskini nilitoa machozi kwaajili yake.ameanza mziki juzi na tayari amekubalika.huyu alistaili kupewa tuzo la best upcoming artist maana jamani anastaili.badala yake ampewa mtu ambae yupo kwenye mziki miaka mitano.mafans walikasirika sana lakini utafanya nini na wameshaamua kitambo?sudi my boy.usife moyo wala usilie.wewe nimzuri.tuzo lisikubabaishe kabisa.siku moja watakujua watu wa kando kama wakaribu wanajifanya vipofu.

kazi ipo

tash family wakiwa na mwana lenium ndani ya nzumari

kijana machachari

huyu jamaa pia ni kijana mdogo mwenye uwezo wakufanya mziki ukusikika sana.amefanya mamabo kombo rmx ya tatu

dada zawadi na nyota ndogo na fan wao.zawadi munamjua vizuri sana.alikua mcheza dansi wangu sasa ni mwanamziki.pia nilikua nae kwa best f artist

ma dada

warembo wanavyo pendeza jamani

nyota ndogo and ingolo of baraka fm

dadangu umependeza kama yani wewe wacha tu usijali nisije kuleta shida

tue kama dada na kaka

kakangu kinstin hapo akiwa na dadake nyota ndogo.pwani pamoja tuendeleze mziki wa pwani.waseo watasema na hawata walala.watasema wakishasema maneno wakiyashiba matumbo yakisha jaa maneno watakua kama wenye mimba.

bantu na nyota ndogo

weweeeeeeeeeeee bantu ndani ya nyumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.awa ni wasanii ambao wapo juuuuu sana kimziki lakini kuna baadhi ya watu ambao wawa thamini mziki wa pwani na wapo pwani.wewe kama ni wa pwani na hauthamini mziki wa pwani.tukueze wapi?nisawa nakusema wewe haujieshimu mwenyewe

mama sizo na nyota ndogo

huyu ndio mama sizo.mazungumzo ya ana kwa ana,mama sizo ni mwanamziki ambae ni chipukuzi sana katika mziki.mama sizo alipenda mziki sana mpaka akaona ajaribu bahati yake.nakweli mziki hauna mwenyewe kila mtu anaweza kuimba bora uamue.mama sizo ana sauti nzuri sana ya kumtoa nyako pangoni.tushirikiane tufikishe mziki wa pwani mbali.

mama sizo na nyota ndogo

mazungumzo ya ana kwa ana hayo.huyu ni mwanamziki chipukizi wa mombasani anaitwa mama sizo.niliku nae katika best f mwanadada ambae anapenda sana mziki adi akafikiria heri afanye kitu anacho kipenda.karibu sana mama sizo katika ulimwengu wa mzilki.tukishirikiana tutafika mbali sana


the album for mpenzi ndio inakaa hivi.mtu ambae angependa kununua anaweza kunipigia simu yangu mwenyewe number ikiwa ni 0735443260.humi ndani kuna nyimbo kama mpenzi,nibebe,mambo kombo,watu na viatu,nisamee,na zenginezo

Thursday, August 6, 2009

sema sasa

usicho kijua uliza.usipo uliza hutajielewa

mama na toto

mama na mtoto hawa.ameshakua mkubwa jamani mbarak anaitaji mwenzake kabisa.maana umri nao unakwenda


sio picha ya kitambo hio.niajuzijuzi tu


najua mutasema lakini mazuri

walanguzi wote washindwe

kisima ya mwaka 2007.hapa ndio niliibiwa kisima nikasema sitaingia tenaa na yesssssss sitaingia tena.maaana unaweza kufanya bidii na haki yako usipewe.ulagai upo kila sehemu.shetani ashindwe yeye na babake na mamake na wengineo wote

hawa ni wafanyaka kazi baraka f.m japo ukiniuliza majina yao sijui.lakini nawapenda sanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


huy bwana anasema eti nimpe miaka kama mitatu awe mrefu kunipita.mbarak salim mwenyewe